Tuesday, February 5, 2013


He was stood in front of them all, nibbling on the lid of a dry board marker, the type with a little nub that reminded Kate of a nipple. She wondered what it would feel like to have those lips around her own breast, sucking and biting and pulling gently. The thought of it made feel funny. The strange tingling sensation down there, down in her lady bits. It was rather thrilling and it made her heart skip a beat or two.

His top lip was thinner than his bottom one, Kate usually liked more full lips but for some strange reason Gary's lips were immensely attractive. He had an expressive mouth, the kind that would emote laughing or scowling using them rather than his eyes. He had wrinkles around his eyes that emphasised the grey beauty of them. He was old, old enough to be her father but it didn't matter to her.

Usually clean shaven today there was a trace of stubble on those luscious lips. Wondering what it would feel like against her own mouth she found that she was subconsciously rubbing her upper lip with her finger tips. Not an entirely unpleasant sensation feeling those fine hairs, it made her shudder deliciously. Naturally there would be the scent of his aftershave flowing over her if she were in such close proximity of him and his body heat that was so arousing.

Gary looked over at her and frowned. "I hope you are paying attention."

"Yes, Mr Barker," Kate chimed and got back to graffiti-ing her school book with 'I heart One Direction'. She reflected that it was not easy being fourteen. 

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  1. No, it was not easy being fourteen. I remember having similar thoughts about one of my math teachers. Nice hands. He had very nice hands. :)

  2. too cowed to look at men at fourteen, i covet them now. older than me, grey, experienced, rugged. i feel her fascination.

  3. I had a crush on a female teacher at fourteen, though I didn't realise it at the time. My sexual awakening didn't come till years later :s

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I think I was too busy reading books at 14 to notice men, young or old but then I had wrapped myself self protecting blanket of quiet shyness to avoid anyone noticing me. Now however.... older men!


  5. I was fully aware of my sexuality when I was 14 and allowing boys to touch and grope me, but I was too afraid to go further than that, until 2 years later. Oh, those teenage years...

    Rebel xox

  6. At 14, I was interested in the neighbor girl to tell the truth. However, I have always felt this insatiable desire toward older men of authority. They call to me without even looking at me.

    Nicely done.


  7. I was never fortunate enough to have a male teacher that was attractive to me. But that feeling of watching someone and fantasising about them, without them realising..... So sexy.

  8. Sexy. There's something about the allure of catching an older man's eye.. and then some. x

  9. I was far to interested in horses at 14!!!!

    ~Mia~ xx