Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Promised

When I said I love you I promised to love you forever.

To some forever does not last long and to some of our friends our forever has come to an end quickly.

But for me it is still forever. I still love you and always will. The difference being: because of that love I let you go. Now you are happier, and that calms me and fills my heart anew.

Thank you for loving me and letting me love you in return...because I always keep my promise.


  1. You are an amazing woman.

  2. This brought a lump to my throat. Sad, yet so strong. You indeed are an amazing woman!

    Rebel xox

  3. It is sad, yet reads so pragmatic.

    I hope that you both write new and interesting chapters to your lives, filled with heartening adventures and great exploration.

    Take care, as always. And look after yourself


  4. :( thanks for sharing, it is a beautiful bitter sweet write that really smacks right in the center of reality.

  5. Sad but poignant. *hugs*

  6. OH how hard it is for so many to realize that love really isn't confining or captive holding. Painful but true. Real love only wants the happiness of the other person, even if that means they no longer are with us..beautiful..

  7. So tragic and beautiful at the same time! ((hugs))

  8. I hear this on so many levels.

    ~Mia~ xx