Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fear - part 2

He couldn't tell what her reaction was but he grabbed her long hair through the case with his other hand and dragged her backwards out of the kitchen. Something must have clicked in her mind because then she starred to struggle in earnest. Her legs kicking and flailing out. Chairs crashing down. She was shouting and screaming as much as she could but it was hopeless, no one would hear her. So what if the neighbours heard a chair fall over, they had heard a lot worse before during their active and athletic sex sessions, so this was really rather minor in comparison.

He slammed into the door way, winding himself but he kept a firm grip on her hair and her throat, he was not about to let her know that she could get away right at the moment. He wrenched her through the door way and booted her into the living room. She fell over and he scooped down and twisted the pillow case so that it was tight around her neck and pulled her over onto the coffee table, slamming her body down into it. He stalled momentarily, her body seemed so frail, so vulnerable, so much smaller than his own. Doubt seeped into his mind but then he heard her moan. He recognised that noise, it was lust, pure unadulterated need for sexual gratification from this horny bitch of a girlfriend.

He grabbed one of the scarves and with brute force tied her hands behind her back. His face contorted into a snarl and he spat the words, "Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Bitch!"

Shocked and awed at the force of power this gives him, his confidence is renewed. He grabs her arms and thrusts them as high into the air as her body will allow. Up higher and higher until there was resistance and she was squealing in discomfort. The guttural moaning sound that came forth from him must have started somewhere in his chest but it drew attention to his need and desire to have her. He seized her dress and roughly hauled it up, causing the seam to tear. In one swift, sharp move he exposed her back side. That beautiful bottom that she would tease him with on a regular basis. He had thought long and hard about this, whether she would get her arse fucked or not. Although delicious he had decided against it but not against making her think that she would get anally pounded as though her life depended upon it.

He took a deep breath in and with his free hand he crashed into her rump with such force that she almost flew across the coffee table. There was a little audible noise, somewhere between a squeal of pain and a moan of desire. He did it again. And again. And again. Then he gripped the top of her tights and pulled. The delicious sound of them ripping from waist band to knees was like a clap of thunder on a sunny day. It cut through all other noise and left a void behind it, a velvety silence. With the same force and determination he roughly drew her pants to one side so that she would be entirely exposed to him, her sex naked and wanton. He was delighted but not really surprised to find her pussy glistening and her lips tinged that blush pink colour that told him that she wanted fucking.

He had hoped that he would be able to take his time. To torture her and play with her mind but all the planning and thought had made him really excited. He could feel his balls getting tight and the yearning to be inside her was growing uncomfortable in his groin and stomach. He reached his hand down and rubbed roughly along her slit. He marvelled at how wet she was, how silky it felt, how inviting. They had agreed that she wanted to feel used and taken, abused even. He stole and screwed up his courage and fingered her as roughly as he dared. Her warmth pervaded him. The wetness enveloped him and made that enchanting slapping and sucking sound as he frigged her.  

Then, using her own juices as lube, he forced his finger and then another into her tight and inviting arse hole. Sliding his fingers in and out, he watched as she pushed back on him with pleasure. Her hole felt tight and inviting; he scissored his fingers until that hole was gaping. She moaned and wriggled. She looked as though she was enjoying this a lot. He reached forward and twisted the pillow case once more, tighter this time so it constricted her breathing. He lowered his face so she would be able to feel his hot breath on her cheek through the pillow case. She was held there, he said nothing but ensured that she was still and focussed on him.

He lent back and took the condom out of his pocket, releasing her momentarily he frantically tore open the packet and rolled it on his hard cock. He knelt up behind her. Looking down at that wet and inviting cunt he lined himself up and then thrust full force into her; not stopping until he was at full hilt. She felt fucking amazing; warm and soft and very, very wet. Her pussy gripping him with just the right amount of tension. He closed his eyes and took in a couple of deep breaths to calm himself before slamming and fucking her and pounding her as fast and as hard as he could. This was her fantasy and he was damned certain that he would give her what she wanted. One hand on her tied wrists and the other on her hip, gripping it and shoving his cock in and out of her, prising her open like ripe fruit.

He looked down at his dick with her juices flowing on them. He watched, almost from outside his body, at how hard he was fucking her. Then he saw it. He knew it was too much for him to resist. That beautiful, gaping, delicate arse of hers. Whilst he was fucking her cunt, he put his finger back inside of her. Yes, she was wide enough to accommodate him and he was covered in enough of her fluids to allow him to enter her easily. Rough was the name of the game, but pain was not. He withdrew and once more he lined himself up. He didn't slam himself in this time but pushed through like an unstoppable force. Sinking deeply into her, past her ring of muscle, it was tight in anticipation of being abused and used for his pleasure. He started pumping her, slowly at first and then getting harder and rougher by increments.

That sensation of tight tension within his core was building now. He knew it would not be long before he came. His balls had tucked up and were fit to burst. The pressure was building in his cock. He often thought that erotic descriptions of men exploding into their lovers was an exaggeration, this time he knew it wasn't. This orgasm was going to rip through him from his genitals to his chest, it would tear him in two. No amount of deep breathing would stop it now as he shafted her with ever faster, ever more electric strokes until he burst into her. The pain and discomfort of being on the edge of cumming for so long was released in four or five strokes.
Everything drained out of him, it was not just the sperm. All the energy, all the tension bled from him. He withdrew and backed away, taking the condom off and pulling his trousers up. He sat there on the floor leaning against the cold radiator, panting hard with the exertion. Things suddenly swam into focus. His beautiful Ruth was tied up and slung over the table like a sack of potatoes. What had he done to her? Had he hurt her because she was not moving. The sight of her over the table with ripped tights, hands tied and a pillow case over her head was revolting to him. What the fuck had he done?

As quick as he could he was there and gently pulled the hood off her head and stroked her hair away from her face. He started to fumble with the knots, he could never understand why when he really wanted knots undoing they would suddenly be made of lead and be impossible to slacken. After grappling some more he was able to release her. She was breathing at least. He checked her hands, they were still warm and he had not cut off her circulation.

"Ruth?" he whispered.

A moan escaped from her lips. Relieve evaporated from his heart to hear that noise. Another moan, more contented in tone this time. She breathed deeply, in and out, a few times. The colour on her face was flushed and when she turned her head her eyes were bright with excitement and life.

"Oh, my God! That was AMAZING," she breathed. "Wow. When can we do that again?"

It hit him, a wall of emotion. Not only had she enjoyed this but she was yearning for more. His adrenaline junkie girl wanted him to do this to her again. The thought of it made him crumble. He fell back against the sofa. The adrenaline that had been keeping him going thought the scene suddenly asked for payment. All his limbs went leaden, his head sunk onto his chest.  Mouth open he sat there shivering and shaking. Throat tight with emotions, unable to process what he had just done and the implications of what Ruth was saying. Tears welled up in his eyes. Not a violent man by nature he was sickened with himself, disgusted at his actions. What he had just done was against everything he knew to be right. He tried to speak, to say something, to communicate his turmoil but the only sound that came out of his mouth was a high pitched moan and breath. Breathing deeply in an attempt to gain some semblance of control he just sat there.

Ruth turned her head and looked at him. She locked her eyes onto his and could see that this had been too much for her poor, sweet, kind Michael. She knew that he would give her anything she asked for. Everything. But she was not expecting him to have gone so far; given so much emotionally. She had asked too much of him. Guilt and pity sped through her. She knew that they had talked this through and that it was all agreed and consensual but she didn't realise that the reality would be so tough on him.

This had been the sexual thrill of her life. He must have been planning this for weeks and months. He had got all the details right, even down to the disposable clothing and gloves she noticed he was wearing. Her heart was still beating fast and she was still riding the buzz that being used and fucked like that gave. Her pussy and arse ached from the severe pounding that he had given it. A delicious ache that she would feel for hours afterwards.

She unfolded herself from the table and reached out for him. She moved her knees and crawled so she could touch him and put her hands on him. Arms wrapping around him she held him close. Clutching his quivering body next to her she held him tight.

There they sat, neither of them know for how long. They just existed. Together, melding into each other. After the longest time Ruth made sssssshhhhh-ing noises and soothed Michael. She held him until he stopped shaking and kissed his forehead repeatedly. He relaxed into her, burying his head deep into her hair and inhaling her smell allowing it to wash over him and cleanse his senses, calming and comforting him. They both knew that there would be some really seriously long discussions about what had happened tonight. Unpicking the experience, learning from it and revelling in the things that they enjoyed and highlighting the stuff that was not so comfortable so that they could avoid it in the future. They both knew that this experience was not just for tonight but that they would re-live it and explore it for days and weeks to come.

Ruth swallowed. She made him draw his head back so he could see her. Looking into his eyes and stroking his hair she said, "That was amazing but I'll never ask you to do that again for me. I didn't know that it would take so much out of you or go so far past your limits. You've given me a wonderful experience but I'll never ask you to do that again; ever. I love you."

He sat there, mute. Confounded by emotion and unable to speak he looked at her. They both could see from that look that he was thankful that she had said that. That it was over. They remained there, in the living room, holding each other. The sun went down but neither of them moved to turn the lights on. Neither of them wanted stir, they were just enjoying being there in each other's arms. 

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  1. I think every woman, somewhere inside, has the fantasy of being taken in a manner such as this. I think you did an awesome job of conveying the pain it may cause a man if it is just not in his nature to do that though. Beautiful piece and beautifully written

    1. Thank you. I want to write 'everyman' pieces but with a difference. I know it is a common fantasy but with infinite options. Delighted that you enjoyed it.

  2. Simply amazing. Week after week I'm blown away by your writing. The force, the pain, the pleasure... The sacrifice of ones core self to please the other. This was beautiful. The recognition of how much it had cost him to give her the fantasy she craved and the love to trek him he need never do that again was touching.

    Such a hot, love filled piece.

    1. Very often we hear from the woman's perspective but I wondered how the man would feel, would it be too much for him? There are so many emotions to play out in this type of scenario that I could write it ten times and each one would be so different. I am delighted that you enjoyed it.

  3. We all have our fantasies and we really want most of them to happen, but do we ever stop to think how the one making the fantasy possible feels about it? There is a lot of love in this piece. It's beautiful :)

    Rebel xox

  4. Beautifully done as always and a great ending. Others have touched on it but it was nice to see the toll it took on the man portrayed.

    1. You make me feel that I have a standard to achieve now. Thank you Michael xxx

  5. Beautifully described, sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience!! :)

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. I think for this couple it might be a once in a life time experience.

  6. An interesting and often unexplored twist on things. I can't say I found the piece erotic, I think his misgivings at the beginning took away from any possible eroticism as it kind of already felt like things might go wrong. I have wondered what experience they have had before for this to be so unexpected to them? Dom drop and the struggle that men often have with their Dominance is a topic that needs more thoughts on but I hope that in the end with real communication this couple might be able to take something positive from this experience for BOTH of them.


    1. Yes, it is an area where I would like to see more written, perhaps I should write more about it myself. Is it sexy? Is it erotic? It is an experience and I enjoy writing about experiences because they make life worth living. As always Molly, you make me think!

      Rachel x

  7. Sensational and brave piece of writing, which had me 'on the edge of my seat'. A real pleasure after all of these years to come across a blog for the first time and read such excellent, smart, sexy writing. It's helping renew my faith in adult-blogging, in the 'lamebook' era. I look forward to reading and experiencing more of your blog. Feel free to check mine out if you get the chance.
    Horny regards,

    1. Wow! Thank you, I am genuinely blushing now xxxx