Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Moment

As I lie here with my eyes shut trying to fool myself that there is no need to wake up. My head is empty of thought and in a plane of bliss that seems to stretch on forever. I deny myself that I need to rise and answer emails and that you will have to leave me. Sssshhhh, not now, not yet.

Your leg moves over the inside of mine, the hard masculine leg whose coarse hairs tickle my senses. I feel your chest against my back: your warmth and my warmth combining to make a sleepy, sexy cocktail. For one of the brief, fleeting moments in my life, I see how you perceive my skin; soft, supple as you alternate from skipping your fingers over it to grasping great handfuls of my sensual flesh.

Our breathing co-insides with each other, a gentle rise and fall combining with the soft lilt of our bodies as our ribs expand. There is no rush, it is Sunday morning and the rascally sun is diffusing through the curtains, inferring that we should really make a move.

I feel your warm hard cock on curve of my buttocks. The sticky, tacky fluid smearing itself over me. Your dick seems to want me but neither of us make a move in that direction, it could just be morning wood and we ignore it's insistence and simply enjoy the tactile sensation of two bodies touching.

There are probably a million different things to do but I want to stay here, with you, in the moment. 

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  1. Beautifully written. Wonderful imagery


  2. Oh that moment after. Sometimes I just need the closeness and intimacy that it brings. The afterglow gone but the need to have that connection.. this was wonderfully written.

  3. I do love moments like this.

    xo mina

  4. a delicious morning delight indeed. The damned sun pushing the day forward as it is the simple wish to be wrapped in the bliss of sleep and the arms of a lover

  5. I love the tenderness of this piece and right now I wish it was Sunday morning and we were like this in that perfect hidden world that we create for us.


  6. You describe beautifully that wonderful feeling of closeness when there is really nothing more important than being together in the moment :)

    Rebel xox

  7. A beautifully captured dreamy capsule of time..

    Pea ~x~

  8. Sounds like an absolutely perfect morning.

  9. Perfect description of the sort of moment I should cherish more than I do

    O x