Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Gentleman's Agreement

Author's note -  DeepThought69 and I were talking about writing mojo (please see last week's blog). We thought it would be fun if we came up with the same concept and characters and each set about writing our story's based upon this. The concept is: three characters Ian, Michael and Catherine have a threesome. There is bondage/restraint, objectification, wax play. And that was it. Both stories are very different and I hope you enjoy them, we certainly loved writing around the same framework.

Michael was waiting for the front door to open after he knocked, the night was cool and he could see his breath hanging in the air. The first chilly night of the season. He was feeling anxious and his palms were slightly clammy. Unconsciously he wiped them on his trousers, swapping the bottle of malt whiskey from one hand to the other. Standing as erect as his six foot frame would allow he took some deep calming breaths.

"Hello sir," grinned Ian as he opened his house to his new acquaintance.

"Well hello sir to you," Michael replied smiling and nodding his head formally.

"Do come in." Ian stepped backwards allowing Michael entrance. "Is that for me? Oooh 12 year old single malt. Thank you very much. We will enjoy this and it will look lovely on my table. Come through and let me show you it, it is very beautiful. Unique you might say."

Michael was shown through to the living room where Catherine was tethered by her wrists and ankles to the coffee table. Her skin was glistening in the candle light. She was beautiful and naked. However, Michael noticed something was wrong about the scene he was witnessing. It was not that a naked woman was tied to a table or that there was candles, but there was some incongruity that he struggled to place. Then it clicked into perspective. There were lit tea lights, six in total, on Catherine's back but the silver foil had been removed so that any slight movement would cause hot wax to cascade over her.

Rather than looking tense Catherine had a serene look on her face. She did not flinch as he had entered the room, nor did she move as Ian placed two glasses of whiskey with ice on her skin.

"Did I not say that it was a beautiful table. Look she is motionless and calm. A visual delight." Ian stated with an essence of pride in his voice.

Michael, murmured and nodded in agreement. He could feel his cock stirring and growing full. He moved further into the room, never taking his eyes off Catherine. It had been all her idea. She wanted someone else to come and use her. As a couple, they had obviously spent a lot of time talking over this before approaching him. He had known them for about three years and they knew that he was very sexually open and mature enough to be able to cope with the scenario he saw unfolding in front of him. There would be minimal emotional baggage from all parties, he was as close to a unicorn* as could be.

As he moved further into the room to retrieve his drink he noticed that a glass butt plug was just visible sticking out her arse. Michael loved anal sex, it was the thing that he desired the most during every sexual encounter. Nothing turned him on more than a fine bottom and Catherine had a fine one; not too toned, certainly not flabby but with that delicious jelly wobble to it.

"Cheers," Michael said, raising his glass to his lips.

"Mmmm there is nothing more warming and delicious than a good malt." Ian drained his glass and swirled the ice cubes around in it whilst he looked ponderingly from it to Catherine. "I see that we are both enjoying the view," he commented making a nodding gesture towards Michael's bulge. "Time to start in earnest, don't you think?"

Michael looked at Ian and could only sense gentleman cordiality, if it were not for his growing erection they could be talking about a game of cricket rather than fucking his wife. Looking down at Catherine's bound form, the tea lights flickered as she breathed in and out; he felt that it was unusual how long the lights lasted without the wax melting or burning her but each candle had now got a well formed pool of liquid wax in it. She still had that wonderful look of tranquillity, one he almost did not want to disturb. It was like looking down at a sleeping doe, any noise would rouse it from its' slumber so best keep quiet.

Ian had different plans. Picking up one of the lights he raised it about six inches above her back and slowly poured. Catherine let out a long whimper of pain as the wax lava splashed across her skin.

"I would be careful my dear or you will upset the other lights and burn yourself. That would be.....terrible." There was a distinctive sadistic tone in Ian's voice, commanding and cool.

Her flesh shivered as the wax cooled. Ian nodded to him to join in, Michael picked up a candle and started pouring too. The sense of power and pleasure grew within him. He watched as she moaned and quivered trying desperately to keep still but her muscles tensing in anticipation. Observing her delicious trepidation that was either real or imagined made him smile and feel aroused. Tilting his head he could see the start of the tell tale shimmer between her legs, her ankles bound and thighs trembling. She was irresistible. The musky scent of her arousal reached up to him and called to his core. Picking up a fresh light he knelt down next to her hips and watched her internal struggle to keep still as he poured over her plump rear. He dripped them one by one over her back and arse until they were all spent.

At the same time as Michael was savouring his wife's sexual perfume, Ian fished an ice cube out of his glass and ran it over her neck. A noise somewhere between a squeak and a squeal made a hurried departure from her mouth. Both men looked up and caught each other's eye, grinning they hurriedly took their clothes off, scrambling to be the first one to touch her.
Their approach was very different. Michael took the opportunity to bury his head in between her legs and lick her slick sex like a man possessed. He could tell that Catherine was close to coming. Her lips were swollen and rouged, her clit hard against his tongue. He incessantly licked her nub forcing it between his tongue and his teeth, hungrily munching away with her moans singing in his ears.

Ian, on the other hand, got out a knife and put it to her throat whilst gripping her hair, forcing her head back. "Look at me with those pretty frightened eyes," he hissed. Running the blade over her cheeks he moved it in increments along her body until he neared the pools of hardened wax. There was a surprising firmness about the way he moved it over her body. A pale red trail highlighted where it had been and only a callous glint in his eye to suggest where it may go to.

In the middle was Catherine, wet with the ministrations that she was receiving from Michael and deliciously terrified from Ian's energetic maliciousness. "I want to cum Sir," she screamed. "Please may I cum?"

Silenced by a look from Ian, he whispered, "Not yet."

Whimpering and trembling she shook against her bindings. It was cruel that just at that point Michael started to pump the butt plug with his thumb whilst fingering her. Unable to control his lust he pulled on the plug until it was free of her and then dove in, spreading her cheeks to allow him access to her gaping hole. The smell of her sex and the sight before his eyes, mixed with the soft flesh of her arse was intoxicating. Leaning forward he started licking and rimming her in earnest. Savouring her unique flavour and the tactile sensations of her on his tongue.

A sharp scream interrupted Michael's train of thought. Looking up he saw Ian scraping and rasping the blade up and down Catherine's back. Some movements were only shaving the wax off her back, some were grazing her skin, whilst others were beading tiny droplets of blood blossoming and then almost immediately crystallising to form back rubies. Her breath was sharp and heavy as she struggled to cope with the differing uses of her body. Michael felt that it was a good idea that there was a table underneath her to support her.

Ian grabbed her hair once more and twisted it around his hand. Yanking her head back and twisting it so that she was looking up to him open mouthed. Without saying a word he fed her his cock into her helpless orifice, down confidently until it hit the back of her throat. Michael watched as he pulled back only to trust in once more, already slamming into the back of her throat causing her to choke and cough.

Seizing his opportunity Michael rolled on a condom he fished from his trouser pocket, doused his cock in the lube and aimed at her arse hole. Spreading her cheeks wide he pushed forwards, allowing his cock to sink in increments into her arse. Pausing to allow her to accommodate him, he reflected that no matter how gaping holes were they were always that little bit tighter than his dick. This gave him a loving snug sensation around his penis which sent judders of delight through him.

Unable to make much more than a guttural chocking sound Catherine was just able to make enough resonanace to indicate that she was loving every filthy minute of this. She was adoring being used, her face being brutalised by her husband and his cock in her arse. Feeling brave he smacked her causing flakes of wax to cascade and dance away from her pinned form. Enjoying the whimpers and the moans he smacked her again as he thrust. The sound and the sensation causing his mind to empty of all thought other than the pleasure of using her. It made him feel powerful at mastering her and her submission added to the authority and dominance he was experiencing. He thrust further and soon found a rhythm with Ian, as Ian forced himself into her mouth it pushed her whole body weight against his dick allowing the softness of her rear to squish against his groin. As he fucked her arse it pushed her onto Ian causing her to gag and choke. The tears were rolling down her face and mingling with the trails of saliva and snot. The three of them were joined in a blissful union.

Michael felt the tightness in his balls, and that familiar ache in his groin as he knew he would cum soon. The pleasure and anticipation that had been building in the weeks of negotiations, phone calls, texts, emails; stimulating his mind, his imagination and letting his lust build. His nerves as he prepared for tonight, shaving his face, soaping then moisturising his body. The gentleman's greeting as he arrived, followed by the visual delight when he entered the room. The sensory filled experience with the whiskey, ice, wax, the warmth and wetness of Catherine, Ian's hard and hairy body. All of this culminated in the impending release; concentrated, focussed, intense. His orgasm was going to be intense, extreme, possibly he could describe it as severe in the way that it would brutally be released from him as he emptied into her. Imminent, pending but ultimately inevitable, he came as he thrust into her for the final time.

Weak and wobbly from his orgasm, he collapsed as he withdrew, his chest heaving. His thoughts scattered and ecstatic. He stayed in this haze and reverie until the coolness of the room pervaded his sweat and chilled his skin. As he pulled his condom off and wrapped it in a tissue from the packet on the floor, he sank back, propped up by the sofa, and watched the scene carry on without him.

Ian's face was contorted with the effort of not orgasming, pulled out of her face and sauntered round behind her. Eyeing up her luscious cunt he thrust without aiming, balls deep. Michael watched Catherine cry out, arching her back and trying to break free from the ropes around her wrists due to the force she in which she was being taken and used.

"Please, please may I cum," she begged, sobbing at the restraint she had to exercise over her tattered self control.

"Cum my beautiful," he panted as he thrust vigorously into her sex.

Throwing back her head she howled, a wild canine sound that came from her core. It was a release of everything that had built within her. Hopes, dreams; realised. Fears, doubts; evaporated. An angelic orgasm, one she knew that she may never experience again. All encompassing, transcending her to  a rapturous state. her head blissfully empty of thought, flying in that subspace state. Ecstasy on Earth.

As Catherine shook and juddered, riding the orgasm that cleved from her body, Ian thrust deeply his whole body stiffening as he sprayed his seed deep within her, the veins and tendons straining at his neck.

Flopping over her back akin to a sweat soaked towel Michael observed as they both struggled to catch their breath. Catherine had a delicious vacant look on her face, whilst Ian fumbled with the ropes at her wrists whilst still conjoined. Scrabbling to help out, Michael scooted over and untied her ankles.

Brushing against Ian's legs he looked up at him. Ian looked sweaty and spent but there was now a connection between them. They had shared his wife. He knew that there would be an emotional lag between them all. There is no thing as a unicorn. Without knowing why he leaned forward and kissed him. Ian's mouth was harder than anything he had kissed before, he had never kissed a man. The musky scent, slight stubble, thin lips. It was strangely tender and delicate as they tentatively caressed each other's lips.

Michael leaned back as the kiss came to a natural end. Ian pulled out of Catherine and they rolled her off the coffee table. As Michael held her, Ian reached over for the throw and wrapped it around her.

"You are a good girl," he murmured into her ear. "Thank you for this evening. You are a good girl for satisfying your Sir and Michael." He stroked her hair and kissed her softly whilst laying her back into Michael's arms.

They stayed there, three of them wrapped around each other. Exchanging kisses and hugs, stroking and being tender. It may have started out as a gentleman's agreement but it now looked as though it could be so much more.

*Unicorn - Colloquial; Synonym for hot bi babe (HBB), often derogatory, condescending, or ironic. A bisexual person, usually though not always female, who is willing to join an existing couple, often with the presumption that this person will date and become sexually involved with both members of that couple, and not demand anything or do anything which might cause problems or inconvenience to that couple. - source, Urban Dictionary

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  1. Now THAT is a hot threesome :)


  2. OMG! I love Ian! not sure why I can relate to him so well but he is awesome in this story. damn now I need a cold shower. exceedingly hot write.

  3. Just like I said on Andy's blog, I would love to experience a threesome like this. Hot!!!

    Rebel xox

  4. Oooo...
    How funny that I am caught by a novel use of wax play, I have never thought of using tea lights like that :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. Two different stories. Both hot.

  6. yes very different but interesting how you both used a 'table' was that intentional?


    1. We just said objectification but I think when we chatted about it that the idea of the table was solidified. It was great fun to spring this kind of surprise for you guys.

      Rachel x

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed both parts of this challenge, writing mine and reading yours. It's amazing how different they are from the same basic premise and that is the joy of writing (and reading), no two stories are ever the same.

    Brilliant story :-)

  8. I loved both of your takes on this. So hot, and exciting, I was drawn in and captivated throughout.

  9. Very hot; you had me at 12 year old single malt whisky! :)

    Now off to read DeepThroat69's ;)