Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Period Drama

Authors note - just like last week I found myself in conversation with another writer, Lord Raven, about genres and smut in general. We got onto this topic and simultaneously wrote stories about the same theme. I hope you like both stories. George, by Lord Raven

I never sleep well when my period is due. I get all hot and bothered and horny as a bitch in heat. Sex plagues my every thought, my every waking moment; every comment I hear has a sexual connotation, a double entendre. I feel like an addict whose craving cannot be sated, the yearning driving me forward. I knew that this bubble would burst, as soon as my period came I would feel this tension released.

Not really believing that I would get a decent night's sleep tonight I climbed into bed with that familiar aching and heavy feeling in my pelvis. Slipping under the cool duvet that would soon warm and envelop me, I watched the orange puddled light seep through the curtains as sleep tickled my mind and seduced me into slumber.

Gasping for breath I woke with a start. Nothing was over my face to prevent my breathing but my body was arched and needy. Fuddled with sleep I was unable to gain my bearings. Piecing together the evidence my senses could confirm, I knew that I was in bed, I knew that it was still night but uncertain as to what time it was, I knew that I was ok and that there was no reason that I could recall for waking. I also knew that I was horny, that there was a desperate ache between my legs. I was warm and wet and slippery with desire. The need to be touched was going to break my mind if I didn't find release soon.

Drawing my knees up I parted my legs in the hope that the air would cool my aching cunt. I exhaled but as I did I felt my breath on my own wetness. Confused I breathed in again, once more I felt my own exhalation on my sodden lips. Sitting up with a jerk I realised that I was not alone. Someone was in bed with me, mirroring my breathing, they understood my need to complete, the need to orgasm, they knew the sexual capsule I was in, a prison I needed breaking out from. My heart leapt catching a ride on the adrenaline wave and was now surging through me. My eyes adjusting to the ambient light I saw his head at the bottom of the bed. his eyes were twinkly and lustful. I had never experienced someone drinking me in but now I knew what it meant. This man, this stranger was devouring with me his eyes. I knew that I was wanted, lusted after, needed, desired. However, this was more. This man was going to take me and inhale my very core.

I felt some fear but it was laced with a thrill that excited me. I didn't know this man but I felt the yearning to be with him. I ached to feel his touch on me and in me. He would be the one to free me from this monthly horn.

Delving his head between my legs he gave me a long, luxurious lick. It was cold. Not cool, like he had been drinking an iced drink but cold, like glass; smooth and calming but unnerving. He licked me in a leisurely, almost off hand manner. He would be taking me at his speed and for some reason I felt myself relax, unfurling like a fern, unwinding under his ministrations. Licking and nibbling he excited me, bringing me to the boil expertly. He forced my sluttish knees apart so he could delve deeper and plunge my folds more forcefully. I cried out in pleasure at his tongue rolling over my clit, the delicious urgency building slowly within me.

I felt his tongue go deeper, it was longer than any other man that I had previously had. It was venturing deeper, exploring my slick insides, cleaning them, servicing them. No, those were not the right words. He was delving and probing. No, still too mild. He was exploring, violating...defiling me. He was taking my sex and using it. No consent; just snatching what he wanted. And it felt divine!

Raising my head I saw his teeth glinting in the light from the street lamps. He raised his eyes to meet mine and then I noticed that there is something wrong with his teeth, they are filed and pointed, vampyric in their appearance. Fear rushed through me. I have often read vampire books, trashy ones, good ones, sexy ones but seeing one in the flesh, so to speak, was truly terrifying. A coldness gripped my heart as my body refused to react. There was a scream that clogged my throat, lodging in it like a half swallowed lozenge, painful but unable to dislodge. Gulping for air I felt suffocated, unable to suck enough oxygen into me.

He smiled. His wicked smile, verging on evil. Terrifying but made worse by my treacherous cunt's yearning for him. The juxtaposition of emotions, the turmoil. It made no sense but there it was, my red slick desire for him.

Taking a deep breath he bit down onto my sex causing me to arch and scream in delicious agony. The pain was excruciating and jagged. I felt my slit becoming flooded and warm. Hearing him slurping  and sucking voraciously at me. I peered down, his face was covered in my blood. Licking and sucking my sexual blood out of me, slurping my lust and life out of me. Despite all of this, or indeed because of all of this, I felt my orgasm looming, impending, exploding.

There it was, forcing itself through my body and out into his mouth. Wave after wave of sexual release. My senses tingled and thrummed. He played me until I sung, screaming in defiant ecstasy. My once broken vocal chords finding their home once more and releasing my passion.

I woke screaming and covered in sweat. Panting as though I had run a marathon and feeling bone weary I looked about me. Everything seemed normal. Where was the vampire? Where was the demon who was making me ecstatically immortal? Vanished into thin air. I flopped back onto my cold, sodden pillows, breathing hard. I felt good, elated, satisfied. Whoever he was, whatever he had done, I felt better, complete, whole once more. Reaching for my throat my skin coated with salty sweat, I felt my pulse. Good and strong. I lowered my hands to discover what damage he had done and felt the warm mushyness of my post orgasmic bliss. I was slick and wet and it felt tacky. Withdrawing my hands I flicked the light on and saw the sticky redness of blood. It took a moment for my internal perspective to click into place. Flinging back the cover I noticed that I had come on during the night, my dream vampire had burst my sexual bubble, released my tension.

Allowing the excitement of my mind to calm down for a moment before I got up and changed the sheets and cleaned myself up I said a little prayer of thank you to him. I needed the release and I got it in the most peculiar way.

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  1. mumm a delicious write in the decadent land of dark smoldering desires. I can imagine this whole scene and love every moment. An awesome write indeed...now for a cold shower to wash off this blood... ;)

  2. I love the darkness in this, the deep desires that are awakened by the hormones raging through your body. The way she got her release is just... wow!

    Rebel xox

  3. This is a fantastic write-up Rachel, I loved it! Deep down I know it's something I would like, never really had someone tell me they get as horny as I do when on my period glad I'm not alone :-) Thumbs up! :-)

  4. Once again, love how I read two with the same theme. And I get so horny on my period, luckily my husband doesn't care (wouldn't have married him if he did) for sex (not oral, but I'm okay with that). To wake into an amazing orgasmic fantasy sounds delicious.

  5. Fantastic tale. Maybe you will be immortal after all ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. I get really horny during my period and have a real love of sex during my period, which is a fairly new found experience for me.... never dreamt about vampires though.


  7. Period sex has always bothered my wife more than me; I can cope with blood, it's vomit I really can't deal with!

    You have some weird dreams though! :)

  8. Nice to know I am not the only one who is hornier than a 3 peckered billy goat right before my period. Although mine can sometimes extend a few days past it starting as well. Why people view sex on a period wrong is beyond me. I can tell you it is amazing, high powered and a wonder cure for cramps and bloating.. and I would definitely not turn your creature of the night away either. Hot, sexy and evilly delicious

  9. Oh I just LOVE a vampire story and this is no exception!!!

    ~Mia~ xx