Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Ok, that caught me off guard - Angelwithatwist from my post 'Scared'.

This weeks' prompt is turning a comment from my blog into a post, this is my take on it. Being able to catch my readers off guard is a common theme with my posts. I do it to make my work interesting and to keep you, my dear reader,  stimulated mentally...as well as in other areas.

Ross breathed hotly on the back of his lover's neck, noticing a little mole; not very large but one that looked like melted chocolate. It went well with the freckles all over their body, that pale translucent, delicate skin that redheads tended to have. However, he would always want to nibble and lick that cocoa stained mole.

Entering his partner slowly Ross pushed so that their inner walls held and caressed his cock. This tender act was one of love and completion. Moving his hands over his lover he thrilled at the doughy flesh with fine silk hairs adding to the sensory experience of it. He started to rock his hips in a gentle motion. The aural stimulation of their combined moans and throaty murmurs added to his incessant need that filled his body and made him thrust harder.

Thunk was the sound of the front door closing. A cold, wet hand of fear covered his heart and throat and rapidly softened his cock. The creeping death of guilt as he heard Claire ascent the stairs. Ross listened to the wooden symphony of each step as her weight shifted onto it.

In slow motion the bedroom door handle turned. Hang time they called it in basketball. The moment stretched on like a geography class on a sunny Friday afternoon. As the door opened she filled the frame with her fat, lumpy middle aged silhouette.

"Michael" she gasped, before being struck dumb once more by the sight of her husband's illicit coupling.

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  1. AAGGH ok I have no clue what he was coupling with..the switches between their and his has me all confused.. grrr..

  2. My apologies. I have edited it and hope it makes a bit more sense.

    Rachel x

  3. mummm think I was watching the whole thing. That was hot and oh my Ross and Michael were a bad boys. It caught me off guard thou naught writer..lol

  4. Nice little twist at the end; I have cheating in my WickedWednesday post too ;)

  5. It took me two reads to get it. Hot!

  6. Just like with Silverdrop, it took me two reads to get it. I would say you caught me off guard for sure!

    Rebel xox

    1. You had to read it twice...gaaahhh. I must be having a bad day at the office. Alas I think it proves that I am only human.

      Rachel x

  7. I have no idea why but the thing that stood out for me was the description of the wife, I don't know why but I think the negative tone of that somehow grated on me. No idea why, probably just me being weird


  8. What a shock that would be! Would love to know what happened next ;-) x