Monday, January 7, 2013

That Sexy Mouth

There were her lips, so close to him. She smiled, her lips full, lush and soft.  He wanted to kiss her... amongst other things. He could feel her breath.  She was that close, tantalisingly close. So close that she was making him squirm. She looked up and smiled at him, not a full on grin, rather an enigmatic one displayed in the eyes rather than the mouth.

Ohhhh that mouth!

He was so excited now. She inhaled and smelt his scent.  He shivered in anticipation. He swallowed and ran his tongue around his dry mouth and lips. She opened her mouth and breathed out. Her warm breath moved the hairs on his body, she was that close. Holy fuck! He felt like he would cum soon. “Just a kiss, just one little kiss, please”. Of course he couldn't say this out loud, he just couldn't, but as if she knew what he wanted she opened her mouth and showed off her lovely teeth. She bent forward and kissed him. He let out an involuntary moan that caused her to look at him sharply.

No words were needed. That look said it all. She parted her lips again and let her tongue gently lick him. Opened it wider and she was able to fit most of his cock into her mouth. She closed her lips around his shaft and let the heat of her mouth diffuse into him. She moved her tongue around to get him wet before pulling back. He so badly wanted to touch her, to hold her head. He wanted to grab her hair and fuck her face, but being cuffed to the bed meant that he couldn't. She opened her mouth again and took more of him in.

Oh fuck she was going to deep throat him. He was breathing faster, his heart breaking out of his chest, beating so hard it hurt. He knew he would cum quickly and hard.

She was a rather wicked woman.   She knew he wanted to cum in her mouth. She contemplated not letting him, just because she could, but that would be cruel.  She had already spent a good hour teasing him until she thought he was going to cry. She would give him this, with pleasure.

Going as deep as she could, taking as much as she could in her mouth, she really started to suck him off. Going this deep meant lots of spit and saliva, dribbling and drooling down onto his balls. It made massaging them wetter – and a more enjoyable experience for both of them.

His whole body was rigid, his breathing harder,  thrusting with his hips into her face. One suck, draw back, suck again, go down, draw back. Deeper, faster, more intense, wetter. She had been teasing him too much. He couldn't stop himself, it was so warm, so wet and he could not withstand that delicious combination of a soft mouth, and being used as a fuck toy. His orgasm started in his balls and grew up his belly and filled his chest.  Then  he came deep in her mouth. Oh that beautiful, filthy mouth.

He seemed to cum forever, but then there she was licking and sucking him clean, taking great satisfaction in seeing him look so spent. She looked up when she had finished. She sat back on her haunches and smiled, this time a different smile altogether - a very satisfied cat like grin. 

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  1. A delicious description of every man's fantsy blow-job;) Delightful x