Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Women Are Important

I love men. I really do. I am as heterosexual as they come. I am also a terrible flirt; well, actually I am an excellent flirt due to many years of practice. I have it down to a fine art.

As I look through twitter and other social media that I am on I reflect on what a lot of male friends  I have. I have always had more male friends than female ones; it's just the way it is and every time I have tried to change it, it has gone sour. I like men so why be incongruent  I am not a girly girl. I am a smart woman who thinks about sex.

Eroticon 2013 is only a few days away and I feel an energy bursting in me and I genuinely feel like I am going to explode. People have commented on it, I am more emotional and more volatile than my normal, passionate self. There are many things that I am looking forward to at Eroticon, mostly how to improve my writing as there is always room for improvement in my mind. However, it is the women that I will meet there that I yearn for. Smart, witty, intelligent women. Women who have made me blogging here such a soft place to land, women who both mentally challenge and stimulate me in ways that men just don't.

I have met some of these people before, in real life...Molly and her husband. There are people that I have 'talked' to via emails and skype. There are people that I have reached out an helped and I would like to see them now that they are in a better place. There are people who have reached out and helped me and I want to show them with pride how well I am doing now.

It is these women, who are not critical of their own gender or other women's intellect or perspective, but thrive at the meshing of knowledge. They celebrate it. I am going to spend my weekend trying to cram as much writing info into my head as possible but I will also spend it laughing my socks off, hugging, and possibly crying a bit too with these amazing women.

If some people see me as a writer of erotica and pedlar of smut who is only interested in men, catching men, snaring men, and shagging men, then not only are they missing the point but they are not 'seeing' me. Women shape me and create me. That is why women are important in my life.

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  1. I wish I could be at Eroticon, believe me...but the wrong side of the pond for that...and I am quite envious of you meeting Molly and Signs as those two have helped me more than I care to mention. Again, I'm on the wrong continent.

    As for your premise, women are absolutely important...it is the traditions we need to break that still seem to drown us with thoughts of male superiority.


    1. One day my dear friend... one day!


  2. Stranded,

    A friend of mine calls it the curse of the internet. The internet has allowed us to reach out and meet so many interesting people but in turn it has allowed us to 'meet' people that we will never get to hug in real life. A curse indeed.

    I will give Molly and Signs, and Rebel, and Muse, and..oh hell ok I will hug the lot of them for you. The things I do for others :D

  3. There is such a thoughtful post. I think in many ways we share this view of men/women. Despite my love of girly things I have never been a girly girl and yet the women of the blogging world seem to defy that 'label' and I love them for it!

    Roll on the weekend!


  4. I whole heartedly agree. While most of my stories include male/female dynamics it is the women in this community who have pulled me forward. Their openness and willingness to admit we all fall short, we all have fears, we all want to be wanted. It makes me happy to have found women I can talk to on here and not be afraid of how I talk to them or about what I talk to them.

  5. Someone whispered my name....

    OMG woman, you cannot imagine how excited I am to meet you all, to meet all these wonderful women I have met on internet, the place you rightfully said makes the world so small. The beautiful women of the blogging world have made me feel so welcome and loved.

    And just for the record: like you and Molly, I am not a girly girl at all.

    This weekend....

    Rebel xox

  6. Oh how I relate to this one. The way you are with men I am with women when it comes to my friendships. Hope you have a great time at the conference.

  7. I hear you girl I really really do!! I am not a girly girl and I usually "get on" with men much better than women and not just in a sexual sense.

    I so wish I could go to Eroticon but it cannot be this year, but you never know maybe next time!

    Have a wonderful time with all the other wonderful, sexy, intelligent, strong and motivate women that I know you will meet there.

    ~Mia~ xx