Tuesday, April 16, 2013

About An Inch

The crystalline sun stabbed through the curtains making a sorry confession that it was indeed morning.

"Is there much?" I ask, my voice drugged by sleep.

"About an inch," he replies. His head is poking through the curtains which frame his face like long hippy hair. A pasty bottom sticks out with fur around his cheeks and the sight brings a smile to my face.

The statement makes me ponder and wonder what an inch would feel like. An inch of this hard, kidskin encased cock in my mouth, allowing my tongue to tease and stroke it in mouth watering excitement. An inch of his tongue in my pussy, coaxing juices and shy orgasms from between my lips. An inch of his thick finger up my arse, exciting forbidden senses; making me buck and writhe.

Stretching and insinuating myself between the covers, I squeeze my thighs together in an attempt to simulate the physical yearning of my wanton thoughts. My smooth, doughy thighs; warm and responsive to the touch. I lie in my snug cocoon, wanting to be invaded and used. Desiring with my soul to discover what one inch will feel like in all of its various forms. My lusty need building and rising slowly within me, developing into a near wolverine primal craving.

Idly scratching your rear and sniffing you grumble, "Fucking white shit, I hate the snow. Makes work difficult. Hell, I'm late already and this just makes it worse."

Turning away to go to the bathroom you catch my eye and are puzzled by my expression. I feel the tension within me ebb away, replaced by a corrosive disappointment eroding my heart.

"You ok?" you yawn, scraping at your balls.

Rolling onto my front and burrowing my head in a drift of pillows to disguise and protect you from my feelings; I mutter, "I'm fine, just tired."

Accepting this at face value regardless of its plastic and disposable nature, you grunt and stalk off to empty your bladder.

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  1. Sir is of the firm belief that when a woman answers 'fine' everything is definitely NOT fine! I think he is right and reading it here made me chuckle.


  2. Oh, that made me giggle! Men are so clueless sometimes ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. SilverHubby is like Molly's Sir - he would have seen through that "fine" and asked more. Your story was erotic and amusing. :)

  4. Fine and Ducky are two code words for me to have the radar on high. Lovely write and can feel the disappointment flowing in this

  5. I think sometimes men just want to believe we are fine. Happily, Master T does not accept 'fine' for an answer either ;)

    Beautiful piece that will ring true for many.

    Rebel xox

  6. Naughty train of thought there lady. A man and his bladder surpass all "fine" responses. xxx

  7. "fine" is a term I have long been banned from using.

    Loved this, as always your work is a pleasure to read xx

  8. Haha, I love how you hide your face in the pillow when saying "fine". We women are bad lairs, we should come up with some new tricks ;)

    Nice story, I enjoyed it.

  9. Now do I claim that I'd have known your 'fine' meant you weren't or do I berate you for not saying what you actually wanted? Tricky... I've always assumed that all men know that 'fine' means the opposite but that may be because I live my life surrounded by women! Sometimes we do indeed choose to ignore the implied dissatisfaction, usually for the sake of an easy life!

    Next time, tell him what you want. I suspect that few men would refuse a direct request.

  10. Wonderfully written, as always.

    If my wife answers "fine" then it does mean that things aren't fine, but pursuing them would also be a bad idea. Catch-22, really!

  11. I tend to agree with DeepThought. If a woman doesn't ask for what she wants then she has no right to complain.

    Having said that, great piece.

  12. Whenever Daddy gets the "I'm fine" answer he always says "Oh no!" He knows it means things aren't fine. Great prose. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I tend to think the 'I'm fine' shindig is overused. It's used to deflect & the other half simply roll their eyes. What a great moment he missed by being a grumpy caveman..

    Pea ~x~