Saturday, October 29, 2016


I am here licking her with my whole heart. I have already come. That is the way that we are, I come and then she does, or she does and that I do. It was my turn to come first if you like, not that we take turns it just happens organically. She tells me that she has not come this way since her husband died in the war, the second world war. She hasn't been with any other men since then. Hers is a heartbreaking story. She married young, as they all did then, had a couple of children in quick succession; they were happy. He was called back to war as he had been for throughout all of  their courtship but this time he never came back. She, Edith, never met anyone else she liked, she was heartbroken. Stoically, she carried on raising her children and in turn her grand children on her own. She is a beautiful woman whom I am attracted to very much. I want to give her pleasure because she pleasures me greatly.

Today has been a relaxed session. Laying her back on her bed, easing her arthritic joints, relaxing her hips so she can open her legs. Some people would be turned off by this; this old woman in front of me with her old woman smell: a combination of rose water, strip washes, and incontinence pads. What they don't realise is that after a bit of time and attention to her vagina her natural sexual aroma comes through. Untangling her pubic hair I press my tongue down and lick and lap whilst she starts her mewling. Her breathing speeds up and comes in rough instamatic rasps. Slowly I place my fingers inside her, feeling her velvet cunt warmly welcome this intrusion. Moving them back and forwards as I feast on her is an absolute pleasure and brings out the beast in me. The beast makes me want to do it faster. Harder. More vigorously. Needier. Full of lust. With a frenetic dominance I eat her and watch as she climaxes, her orgasm spilling over the age divide of us, moving electrically through her body razing the arthritis and brittle bones away from her momentarily. With an abandon which she has not seen in years she comes at the end of my lesbian fingers and it strips back her age making her young and beautiful once more.

I can't hold her after the act. I need to get on, so I dress into my uniform, licking my fingers and inhaling her citrus scent from them. I can only do this on the weekends I am working. I work 12 days on and 2 days off. I make her the last call of my lunchtime run so that we can have this time together. My husband thinks that they just work me hard on my weekends on, he doesn't know about Edith, no one does. I suppose as a home carer there is some form of code of conduct: we aren't allowed to take money or gifts from our clients. I suspect that having sex with them would not be allowed but I shake this thought out of my head.

I make sure that she is well and comfortable after our love making, she is asleep as she usually is. She sleeps well afterwards and wakes up refreshed. I will come back and see her as part of my evening rounds.

As I drive off an uncomfortable thought comes into my head. It is possible that her family might perceive this as abuse, after all she is in my care. I shake my head and dispel this alien concept, she loves me and I love her. She is consenting, she is an adult, occasionally confused but not dementing yet. It is love....I am sure of it. With my own internal world back in balance I move onto the next old person.

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  1. You, my dear, should write a whole lot more. There are so many layers in this story, so many hidden subjects of which I would love to read more. You know what? I would love to read a book of yours filled with these kind of stories. Let me know when I can buy it!

    Rebel xox

  2. Intriguing story and unconventional subject matter. A raw and beautiful story, very realistically told. I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Well I hope someone cares for me like that one day


  4. Oh my God, I want to know SO much more now.